Mammogram Decoded

By Dr Jayanti Thumsi

Mammogram Decoded

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers seen in woman.

It is estimated that 1:28 women will develop cancer of the breast in their life in India..

Risk factors are woman not having children, first child at the age 30yrs, woman on Contraceptive pills, woman with family history of breast or ovarian cancer, Obese, woman who consume alcohol. Since it cannot be really prevented we can surely do everything to treat it early.

In cancer of the breast outcome of the treatment is directly dependent on the size of the tumor.

Smaller the size better is the outcome of the treatment.

Mammogram is a very important noninvasive diagnostic tool used to detect lump in the breast when it is so small that it is not even felt by the woman. Mammogram is a kind of X-ray of the breast where very low dose radiation is passed through the breast and the internal architecture of the breast is studied.

Mammogram can detect a lump as early as three years before it is even felt by the woman. When the size of the tumor is small patient needs to undergo less radical surgeries that is breast conservation surgery where the entire breast is not removed but only the lump is removed.

When detected early the disease is less aggressive, patient may not need radiotherapy & chemotherapy and can have better prognosis.

Mammogram brought down the mortality of cancer breast by 44%. Mammogram though a little uncomfortable procedure ,has so many advantages ,hence woman need to undergo this test periodically to detect a lump when very small in size.


20 – 40yrs

More than 40 yrs

Breast Self Examination

Once in a month

Once in a month



Once in a year

Examination by a breast surgeon

Once in three years

Once in a year

Mammogram is not indicated in a woman in less than 40yrs in most of the cases. For more details about mammogram and to learn breast self examination please contact.

Dr. Jayanti. S Thumsi

Senior Breastconsultant

BGS Global Cancer institute

BGS Global hospital


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