Sthree Event on February 14th

Dear friends,

Greetings to you.
I am very glad to inform you that we are planning another event through our

Cancer is the commonest disease in the women. Once a patient is diagnosed
with cancer she embarks on a journey hoping that the destination will be
cure. However, this is a difficult and arduous journey. She faces treatment
modalities which have a certain element of risk, there are side effects and
there are changes in her physical appearance in the form of hair loss,
changes in the body image etc. To add to this there is the omnipresent fear
of the failure of treatment.

Nobody can understand the emotional and physical turmoil of a cancer
patient than another cancer survivor. When a cancer survivor speaks to
another cancer patient, who is currently undergoing treatment, she imparts
strength, faith and hope. It is thus possible to allay anxiety and make
cancer treatment tolerable.

STHREE is an initiative to connect cancer patients to cancer survivors. It
is a support group to heal, restore, empower and energize those patients
who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It is a group of cancer
survivors who will be available to speak to cancer patients. They will
answer their queries, counsel them about cancer treatment and give them
hope. The movement is fueled by the passion of cancer survivors.

It is thus an organization of cancer survivors helping cancer patients
during their treatment. This organization includes cancer patients, cancer
survivors, their family members, medical fraternity and all the well

In this event we have also included women with other kind of cancers like
Gynaec, head and neck, Gastrointestinal cancers etc. We have planned some
interesting and relevant talks for them from the expert speakers.

I personally invite you for this function. Your presence will express your
solidarity towards this cause.

Event will be held on Feb 14th 2015, at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore.

12 pm to 1 pm Lunch followed by the programme till 4 pm.

Thanking you,

Dr Jayanti S Thumsi

Senior Consultant Breast Surgeon

In Charge Breast Oncology Department

Global Cancer Institute

BGS Global Hospital



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